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What To Do When Your Skirt Is A Teeny Tiny Bit Too Short

Don't you hate it when you go shopping for a skirt and every. single. one. on the rack is too short to be comfortably modest? All these adorable prints and styles, none of them long enough...

If a skirt is too long, you can shorten it easily. But when they start out too short, your options are either:

a). Buy it, and sit with your legs glued together so as not to display your unmentionables unnecessarily. Also, avoid bending over (particularly impossible is you have several small children)


b). Don't buy it. Save up to purchase a longer skirt for twice the price, or hope that your mother-in-love has some spare time to sew you a custom design.

Until two weeks ago, I thought I only had two options, but now I've got three! I discovered the skirt extenders from Shell Sheli while searching online for modest camisoles (which they also sell), and now I have an easy solution to lengthening those cute skirts I would previously leave on the rack!

Much like you would layer a tank top or camisole underneath a short or low-cut shirt, the Shell Sheli skirt extenders provide you with extra coverage, warmth, and style.

Of the two brands of skirt extenders available from Shel Shelli, I have the SuperSlip in both the A-line and Pencil Skirt versions. The top half of the skirt extender is made from a silky polyester that functions like a regular slip and keeps your skirt from clinging of bunching up when you move. The bottom half is made from a thicker cotton material that provides comfortable coverage.

If you own a skirt you have to think twice about wearing, want an easy solution to extending the length of any skirt that catches your eye, wish you could stay as warm wearing skirts as you do wearing pants, or simply like the layered look, then the Shell Sheli skirt extender would make a great addition to your wardrobe. They come in sizes XS-XL, and are available in A-line and Pencil styles.

Just because, Shell Sheli is offering you 15% off any purchase from their store (which also includes short sleeve and long sleeve layering shells, layering dresses, and KikiRiki skirt extenders) with coupon code “justbc15.” Sale ends Tuesday at midnight.

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