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A Day with My Blogging Friend Christine

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting one of my bestest blogging buddies! Her name is Christine from the blog Christine's Home and Travel Adventures And that girl travels more than anyone I know! Check out her blog if you want to virtually travel all over the world in the comfort of your Jammie's *winks*
She and her husband came to Seattle from Natchez Mississippi for her husbands medical conference (Yep he's a doc) and I was able to play with her all day!
We started out with a little breakfast followed by a trip to a favorite antique store called the Pacific Gallery. We only intended to be there for a couple of hours tops... but there were so many things to look at!... We were there for 4.5 hrs! Here are a few of the things I liked/loved. Please excuse my picture quality. My camera chose this time to go on the fritz *sighs* Beautiful bed canopy in blue. LOVE this!

A great 4' statue of Mary Magdalene. Wish she could've come home with me but she was quite pricey.

Here is my sweet friend Christine looking glamorous in gray!

An oeil de boeuf window in zinc. Me likey!

This set of Jesus and Mary statues were life size.

Cool pair of girandoles with paintings of ruins.

I fell in love with this old wallpapered screen. It almost came home with me. I'll probably regret that it didn't *winks* You know how that goes.

Close up on the details.

This plaster lady statue covered in seashells was neat. That Raggedy Ann isn't doing it any justice but it was high on top of a case and I didn't want to move anything and have it fall on my noggin (That sort of thing happens to me a lot)... Probably explains a lot too! Lol!

This was one of a pair of sweet Italian angels.

My friend Christine didn't go home empty handed (I couldn't have that!) Here she is with some pretty linen treasures. She's a tablescaper supreme!

And by now she was getting boared... But never boar-ing! Lol!

So we went off to the Space Needle restaurant for dinner...

Where we looked out at this...

Followed by this...

And we ate this. It was absolutely delish!

So what did I come home with if you care to see?... A large (Very heavy) cherub shelf! Actually a fairy?... I think?? He has pointed little ears. My hubbs said "Oh you bought a baby vulcan" He's a big Star Trek fan! Actually we both are *winks* When I spotted him he reminded me of something my friend Andie from The Divine Theatre would have. She has a really fabulous collection of statuary! Isn't it amazing how much our blogging friends can influence and inspire us? I feel so blessed to have found such creative talented people here in Blogaritaville!

At a distance. I'm still working on the vignette for the top.

See his cute little ears?

This little shabby chippy boy also came home with me.

And this little green jewel casket that matches my vanity set.

Lined in luscious orange!

Christine brought me a few prezzies too! Aren't I a lucky girl?! This little Italian cherub plaque and a dangling crown with crystal. She obviously knows what I like! *winks*

Topped off by these yummy little sundae candles.

Here we are at the end of the day.

Christine I had such a great time with you! I hope you'll come back for another visit soon! You are just as sweet, kind and beautiful as I thought you'd be! Vanna
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