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I should

I woke up and ran through my list of "should-do's" in my head.

I should do laundry before the kids run out of clean underwear.

I should do some weekend housework so our house looks half-decently presentable for evening visitors.

I should make red pepper butter before the peppers in the garden go bad.

I should vacuum the Cheerios and dirt off the floor in the van and I should probably wash the outside while I'm at it.

I should start supper and get it in the crock-pot before the afternoon gets so filled up that I excuse myself and order take-out again.

I should go buy stamps for the mail that should be sent out.

I should respond to my overflowing inbox.

I should, I should, I should.

My thoughts were interrupted by an excited little voice from a girl in a yellow princess dress. "Mommy, I have a good idea! We should go to the park!"

I smiled and almost spit out my standard line, "No, not right now. Mommy has a lot of things need to get done first," but I didn't. Her suggestion startled me. It wasn't a request out of the ordinary, but it revealed something concerning; in my long list of things that needed attention, deliberately taking the time to enjoy my children without distraction was not one of them.

They were the interruptions to my housework, the distractions to making red pepper butter, and a interference while I folded wash. My list for the day suggested they were an after thought, not a priority.

A lump caught in my throat. I never want my children to feel like an annoyance, or worse, a mistake.

They needed to know that they were more precious to me than clean floors, a stack of neatly folded towels, and red pepper butter.

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