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Don't Be Married to Your Blog Ideas

We've already discussed how to come up with fresh content every day for your blog. Hopefully you've gotten in the habit of writing down ideas the moment you have them so that you don't forget them. But what about those ideas that you probably should forget?

Ever since starting blogging, I have been in the habit of writing down all my ideas. When they enter my ever-busy brain they always sound like the funniest, most profound, or best ideas that any blogger has ever had any time, anywhere! I jot it down, I look at it, and I think... yeah... that's the ticket.

Then, for some reason, the next day or the next week or the next month, I come across it while I peruse over my list of potential blog posts and I think, would that really be funny? Would that really work? Could I really make that interesting?

And then, remembering my initial love for the idea, I leave it on the list. And, eventually I write about it.

Of course, sometimes I never have that in-between-think-this-might-be-lame thought, and I just go straight to writing about something I've jotted down in the past. Either way, these posts never turn out great.

I have a very hard time not finishing something once I've started writing it. Even if an idea flounders the moment I start typing, I usually finish writing it. Are you the same way?

What I have had to do with Single Dad Laughing is put the post away when I'm done, go work on something else, come back to it, and read it as if I was one of my blog followers. I always ask myself very honestly, is this entertaining? Is this only humorous to me or would it be humorous to others? Is this too preachy? Is my tone right? Is this idea worth putting out there at all?

Every once in a while, the answer I have to honestly give is "dude, this blog post ain't that great."
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