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Flea Market Finds Pour La Semaine Vingt-et-un

Hi peeps!! Just a few things to share this week because of my shopping extravaganza last week *winks*
I'll start as usual with my favorite find. It's a vintage HUGE rose covered fully lined curtain that I found at a local antique mall for $60! This one curtain is 8' tall and 15' long! I couldn't get the entire thing in a shot because it was just too big for my poor camera. It could easily be cut apart to make several individual curtains, which is what I'm hoping to do. Love the green color and all the roses!! Isn't it gorgy??*sighs*

Close up.

Then I found this Italian shadow box jewelry display case on craigslist for $15. Inside I have one new/old treasure and the other three are older finds but I haven't shared them here so I thought I'd take the opportunity now *winks*

The newest find is this cigarette case with a portrait of a woman. $12 at a local antique store. I will definitely be looking to collect more of these.

My next find is from a few years back. I paid $125 (which was actually half price) It's a micro petit point purse featuring a courting couple adorned with some stones and enamel flowers.

The back features a castle and swags with pink roses.

Lined with the palest pink ruched silk that is starting to tear and fray.

Next is this little silver mesh purse/compact that I purchased from an elderly neighbor for $15.

I would love it if these little blue stones were sapphires! *winks* But most likely pretty glass.

And finally this little beaded purse/compact was $10.

I found a new addition to my silver collection at the Goodwill. This silver glass caddy was on one isle for $1.99 and the dessert wine glasses were 50 cents each on another. So all told $4.99... Not bad I think!

And then I did discover something NEW to me... Maybe new to you also?
Let me start by saying I've been in love with antiques for most of my life and in all that time I've never known about this...
The Odd Fellows!
Who and what are they? Weeellll... here's a little vid about them

The Odd Fellows (it turns out) are the Father of all fraternal organizations. Formed in England in the 18th century. I discovered them when I was trying to find information about these antique red velvet collars that I'd found on craigslist. A set of four of them for $12. Sooo ornate and beautiful with their silver appliques, fringe and tassels. I thought originally they might have been priests vestments of some sort? But was quickly made aware that they were something else. I took a look on ebay and couldn't believe how cheaply these items were selling! Some at 99 cents plus shipping, and some of the beautiful velvet ceremonial robes were little more than $20. Also some beautiful ornate medals for a song! I couldn't help but think of all the custom bag/purse and pillow makers who could use these old pieces in their designs. Am I the last one to know about these? Let me know! I feel I've discovered textile nirvana! Lol! *winks*

Each less than the cost of a latte!

And last (and definitely least) some vintage aqua lace trim from the Value Village for $1.99 and an egg vase for my etsy.

That's it for the flea market finds this week. I hope you'll come back next week for more thrifting fun! And please leave me a comment and I'll do the same for you *winks* I'd LOVE to hear from you! Vanna

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