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Flea Market Finds Pour La Semaine Quatorze

It's time once again for Flea Market Finds!! WHOOT WHOOT!! OK now that I've made some noise over pretty much nothing *winks* I have to say that the amazing finds were not to be found (by me) last week... but... I did find some pretty good scores IMHO. Those of y'all who've read my blog a little, know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE busts!! I have a collection of marble ladies that I adore, and my madness for busts has worn off on some of my fellow blogging buddies. Weeeeellllll... they found themselves some wonderful frenchy girl busts and had me feeling a little green with envy! Like my friend Chari at Happy To Design HERE And my dear friend Gloria at Happy To Be HERE. So I was tickled PINK when I found this sweet french girl bust from a local antique store for $28!

Speaking of PINK... I liked her so much that I felt my french armoire in my shabby guestroom could use a little revamp, so I added some pink vintage barkcloth curtains on a tension rod and hung them in the background. Here's the before with a mirrored background. You can just spy a reflection of the bed.

And here's the after

Not earth shattering to be sure. Pretty much the same stuff (with the addition of the new bust and one other cute little thang...

This darling vintage mannequin hand that I found for $11 at the Vintage Nest. I've been having all sorts of fun putting different jewelry and objects on it! It makes a perfect display from my minerva medallion.
Here's a close up on the middle shelf.

And the top.

What do you think? Is it an improvement at all? The jury is still out for me, but I was too tired to redo the whole thing again so I'm gonna live with it and see how I feel about it later. *winks*
I also found this 1920's lace and silk dresser scarf for $8 and I'm currently using it on a vanity seat in my bedroom. Isn't it pretty?

Here's a shot of the entire gentlemens vanity.

I also found a set of taxidermy pheasants for $65 at a favorite antique store. They'll be flying to my hubbs man cave office *winks* but it was too dark in there for photos today. I loves me my taxidermy birds! You can see my post on my newest peacock HERE if you missed it.

And funny how when it rains it pours? I found this little faux pheasant at the Value Village for $1.99. Do you find yourself buying in groups of things? For some reason it seems to happen to me often. Now if I could only stumble upon a cache of 18th century french chairs for cheaps! *winks*

And my last find this vintage rose tablecloth from the Value Village for $1.49. It has some stains that I couldn't manage to remove, but that's OK, It'll make it easier to use, and I won't mind if somebody spills their red wine *winks*

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll leave me a comment and come back next week for more flea market finds. Vanna
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