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7 Ways For The Christian Family To Get Involved Politically

It's easy to get discouraged when faced with the continual decline of our society. I'm particularly guilty of being a Debbi-Downer when it comes to current affairs, especially when we, of all people, have every reason to hope. Christians do not fight for victory, they fight in victory because Christ has already won the battle for us! (Revelations 1:18) Our victory is not only certain, but we've been provided with all the tools we need to wage battle against sin on this side of Heaven.

Some folks within the Christian community see no point in becoming politically involved. They reference God's sovereignty over cultural affairs as reason to accept whatever is dished out by the hands of diplomats. While we must submit to civil authorities (1 Peter 2: 13), we likewise must take seriously the command to "occupy" until Christ's return (Luke 19:13).

It's important for Christians to get involved in politics because, rather than "polishing brass on a sinking ship," our mission on earth is to be about the kingdom business of our Heavenly Father. Being a voice for truth and spiritual freedom in the public square is a particularly effective way for this to happen. Imagine what kind of change would occur in a society where judges made court rulings based upon God's law and politicians kept promises because they understood the seriousness of the ninth commandment!

It may feel like the worst of times, but in many ways it is also the best of times. The odds are in our favor - the rapid increase of homeschooling families - most of which are Bible-believing Christians - are not only having plenty of children, but according to Dr. Brian Ray of the National Home Education Research Institute, are fourteen times more likely to get involved in politics than the rest of society! You do the math.

Getting politically involved within your own community doesn't necessarily mean you have to run for mayor or city councilor. There are several things a family can do together to make a positive impact on their society. Here are a few things that don't require much time or effort when compared to the return on investment:

1. Vote! Voting is a Christian's opportunity to promote, protect, and preserve godly government, and the most basic responsibility we have as citizens of our country. Those we elect (or do nothing to remove), can choose can protect our freedom to spread the gospel or restrict it. Voting is one way to fulfill our civic duties (Matthew 22:21) and encourage righteousness within our nation.

2. Write letters to the editor. Generally speaking, the most interesting part of a newspaper is the Letters To The Editor section. Along with the funnies, it'll get read if nothing else. A simple letter to the editor regarding something that has gone on in your city is a free and efficient way of presenting a counter-cultural message to a large audience.

3. Write letters to your Member of Parliament or Congressman. ARPA takes away all the excuses with their EasyMail system. They connect you with the appropriate government officials in a matter of seconds and provide you with completely customizable letters addressing the current concerns in our country. It takes less than 5 minutes to let your MP know which way you'd like him to vote concerning proposed legislation.

4. Keep the phones ringing. Similar to writing a letter, calling your local politician on the phone is a personal and effective way of sharing your approval over a decision he's made or voicing your concern.

5. Attend town hall meetings. Another great way to have an impact in your community is to let your voice be heard at town hall meetings which are open to the public. Prepare questions or comments regarding the topic at hand ahead of time and keep a friendly, respectful tone when you're given the opportunity to share your opinion. Folks are more likely to ponder your point of view when they understand you're motivated by love for your fellow countrymen.

6. Volunteer during election campaigns. Volunteering - setting up signs, calling people on the phone, and printing ads on behalf of a godly candidate is at least as effective as a financial donation. See next point.

7. Donate. Kevin Swanson nailed it in this article when he said:
"A $100 donated to a Congressional campaign for a solid candidate is 100 times more effective than a vote for an unprincipled presidential candidate! If you are first assured that the candidate fulfills the Exodus 18 requirements, then why not get the most bang for your buck? Why not put your time and energy behind a candidate who give us life and sacred honor for the cause of principle? I organized a fundraiser in my basement and raised $14,000 for a godly congressional candidate in my state who has maintained a consistent record and rhetoric for 15 years of politics in this state. If he is elected, that’s about 2-5% of the monetary influence needed to put him in office. If I place a ballot for a socialist, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion Republican for president, I have 1/50,000,000 of an impact on that election (or.00002%). That’s almost zero influence for a candidate that will almost certainly lead the nation towards more socialism, more homosexuals in the Boy Scouts, and more tax-funded abortions. Don’t waste what few resources are left for the cause of righteousness! "
To further understand the importance of getting involved politically, we recommend the following reads: God and Government by Cornelius Van Dam and The Second Mayflower by Kevin Swanson.

Does your family get politically involved within your community? How have you done so?

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