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Simplified Dinners | A Review and Giveaway!

I quite literally jumped at the chance to review Simplified Dinners, for several reasons:

  • I'm at the same stage author Mystie Winckler was when she wrote these books - a homeschooling mama to three young children with little energy for menu planning or store hopping to score the best deals on pantry staples
  • I'm a home-style loving, cook-from-scratch-recipes kind of girl
  • My husband is on a gluten-free diet and I need some inspiration!
  • Time is tight; I need recipes that are satisfying, healthy, and quick to prepare

Simplified Dinners eBook

Simplified Dinners claimed to meet all of my needs and I was more than willing to give it a try! I printed out the eBook and quickly discovered it surpassed my expectations.

Simplified Dinners eBook

Included is an exhaustive list of pantry staples. I particularly appreciated this as someone who still considers herself a rookie gluten-free cook! I have a much better idea of what kind of things I should be storing in my pantry and what items to avoid.
The recipes are well categorized and easy to follow. I've no problem finding what I'm looking for while appreciating the exceptional, condensed design that saves on paper and ink. You could easily follow these recipes using a tablet, laptop, or similar digital advice, but the traditionalist in me printed out both eBooks (the regular and gluten-free/dairy-free version) to store in a 3-ring binder.
Considering the fact that the Simplified Dinner recipes emphasis whole foods, they are remarkably easy to prepare and extremely easy to alter! Base recipes for salad dressings, meats, potatoes, and pasta dishes come with several variations so you can adapt flavors to what's on hand or your own family's preferences.
I highly recommend these eBooks to anyone who:

  • desires to save time and money in the kitchen
  • enjoys wholesome, tasty meals
  • has gluten or dairy tolerances
  • needs some new meal inspiration

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