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Flea Market Finds Pour La Neuvième Semaine

It's that time again! Time for the weekly Flea Market Finds! YAHOO! YIPPEE!... OK sorry I got a little carried away *winks*
Remember last week I was telling you about a little somethin' somethin' I was waiting for from ebay? Well I received my special "thing" today... Are you ready to see it?? I'll give you a clue... it's a new bust enhancement!LOL!

Here SHE is! In all her alabaster glory! At 21" tall and 45 lbs of wonderfulness!! Isn't she the bomb diggity? *winks* Did I have you goin' for a sec?

She may just be the second best thing I've ever found on ebay for the price. She was $256! I consider that a STEAL for a bust this large! Oh and she's also signed by a well known Italian sculptor. I'm doing the Happy Dance! Which isn't easy whilst running around the house with her in my arms looking for the perfect spot for a photo op! LOL!
Last week turned out to be a really good one for fun bargains but I completely blew my budget (BIG time) so next week could be some of my filler finds aka/slim pickins *winks*

This is an earlier craigslist find that I hadn't yet shared so I thought I'd sneak it in. It's an antique chair featuring a painting of a courting couple for $10!! Probably my best craigslist find for the money as well.

It's hard to capture because of the gold but you get the picture. I think it looks Italian, do you?

I also found a little eiffel tower to add to my collection for $5 (it's the tallest one)

Remember a few weeks ago I broke the bank (yet again) with a lace pillow? Well I found this beautiful lace pillow cover for $25. The shape is not as good as my other, and it doesn't have a pillow insert, but isn't it pretty?

Close up

I also found this sweet 1920's silk sleeing cap for $8 at a local antique store. Fits perfectly on my new girl... Hmmmm I wonder what I should name her? Any suggestions?

And some cute library steps for $90 (ouch!) but I really needed them... yep that's my story... Those top shelves can be tough to get to... no really! *winks*

And when it rains it pours! Another demijohn only larger and with lettering. I can't for the life of me read it, but it sure is cool! And only $13.49! One of the dealers at a local antique mall was going out of business and had everything 60% off.

This large tile came from the Goodwill for $5.99. I'm going to be doing a paint redo on this one. Thinkin' white and distressed... Or perhaps gray? Is everyone sick of gray yet?

This little guy (also a Goodwill find for $4.99) will also be getting some white-n-light.

And lastly a good book full of good stuff for $2.99 at the Value Village.

That's my finds for this week! I hope you'll come back next week for more flea market finds! Please leave me a comment, I'd love to hear from you! And I promise to return the visit! Vanna
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