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Blogger vs. WordPress - The Great Debate

The question for almost every blogger is which blogging platform is best? Blogger, WordPress, or TypePad? Today I want to have a "different" kind of discussion about it.

Many people are very passionate about which platform "real bloggers" use. I have been told by many bloggers that I am crazy to use Blogger (which I use for all of my blogs). I have told many other bloggers that they are crazy to use WordPress or TypePad. The debate rages on amongst bloggers young and old alike. I figured I better have this discussion early on since a lot of people will want to start a blog of their own and follow along.

For the sake of this discussion, I am going to focus mainly on WordPress and Blogger. TypePad is its own little beast and to be honest I don't know much about it. Some people love it. Some people hate it.
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