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Flea Market Finds Pour La Semaine Trente-Sept

I'm back to my regular FLEA MARKET FINDS!!
I don't have a lot of things to share this week (Christmas and all) but I do have a few goodies for ya. (I hope? *winks*)
Starting as always with my favorites first.
This was my "wow" find this week, a 1950's prom dress in pale blue that's just so darn pretty! I'd hoped to display it on my painted white dress form but alas the dress was wayyyy too small. It must be what would be considered a size zero today?The waist measures 21"... Oh how I miss those days *winks* Layers of tulle with ruffles along with a shelf bust. Isn't it fab? And all for $32! I think it was a steal! I set it up at the front counter to do some more shopping and a couple of ladies tried to buy it out from under me! You know it's good when... right?... lol! I overheard the clerk telling them "sorry it's already sold" and I muttered to myself "darn skippy it is!" I think I would've gone on the war path over that dress! *winks*

It has a pretty flowered bodice with rhinestones. It's a keeper for sure!

Next up is this set of 1890's purple transferware that I found at a favorite local junque store. I paid a goodly sum of $100 for service for 6 (minus 1 cup and saucer) I knew that the purple/mulberry color (What actually is the difference?) is a harder color to find, so I went ahead despite the high cost (at least for me) and brought them home.

I guess I did ok because I found the platter by itself going for $90 (Found HERE )

There are seven of these dinner plates.

Even Replacements LTD only had a very few of these pieces. I have my fingers crossed that they'll be able to find me one more cup and saucer. If you happen to come across one let me know K? *winks*

Then I found this really cool frenchy clock at the Value Village for $3.99. I couldn't believe it was so cheap! It was love at first sight! I also purchased another cute little spelter frenchy clock for the same price at the same time... SCORE time! Lol!

Then at a the same antique mall as the prom dress I found this old silk petticoat for $22. It had such beautiful details... little tiny tucked lace pleats... along with pleated silk... Did I mention lace galore?... And it actually fits me too. *winks* I'm brainstorming all the different things I could do with it. Maybe a lampshade? Or a bed crown? Do you have any ideas? I'd love to hear them.

Here's a shot of my clock and petticoat together.

And via ebay another lovely boudoir lady for my collection ($39) This one a 1920's German munzerlite. Somebody took the time to crochet her some lacy finery. They even made her a little hat. Isn't she sweet? I hope I look this good when I'm 90ish!

At the Value Village I found a bowl for $3.99 that's almost a match for the platter I found a few weeks ago... I guess I'm consistent *winks*

Here's the other little frenchy clock. Tells good time too!

And on a completely different note I found myself a couple neat pairs of brand new shoes (also at the Value Village) I just love that place! Some jeweled sandals by Apepazza for $6.99

And this pair of black naughty but nice Guess platforms for $12.99. At least my feet are feeling fashionable *winks*

Well that's it for this week. Thanks for stopping by! Please leave me a comment and I'll do the same for you. I just LOVE hearing from you!
And if you found some great (Or even not so great) bargains please come get me K?
I'll add some envy green to your blog page! *winks* Vanna
P.S. I saw Hugo last weekend and found it enchanting! Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?

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