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If I do everything right...

If I read my Bible everyday and use my trusty highlighter,

if I cook nutritious meals from scratch,

if I homeschool my children and give them a Christian, classical education,

if I meet my husband's needs before my own,

if I surrender my fertility and never pop a little pink pill,

if I adopt a special needs child or foster babies in our home,

if I entertain guests every weekend and invite them to spend the night,

if I perfectly tailor our curriculum to each individual child,

if I make our family memorize Scripture, songs, and poetry,

if I teach them Latin, Greek, and Hebrew,

if I foster beauty and femininity in our daughters,

if I encourage chivalry and a hard work ethic in our son,

if I plant a large vegetable garden and grow perennials along a white picket fence,

if I spend the summer canning, and freezing, and preserving our produce,

if I menu-plan, and master the art of crock-potting,

if I become a coupon queen, ad-match, and never buy anything unless it's on sale,

if I visit the poor and donate clothes to Salvation Army,

if I bring Chicken Noodle Soup to the sick and lonely, and invite our widowed church members for dinner,

if I vote for the most godly candidate, help set up lawn signs, and campaign against abortion,

if I dress in skirts and keep my necklines high,

if I sew all our clothes, knit all our mittens, and keep our shoes polished,

if I can preserve my daughters' virginity, and keep my son from looking at porn,

if I install Covenant Eyes and monitor my children's computer usage,

if I get rid of the TV and cancel Netflix,

if I keep the laundry basket empty, and the linen closet stocked,

if I make family devotions our top priority, and teach our children the Westminster catechism,

if I am a Trim Healthy Mama, and exercise every day

if I birth my children at home, and follow ecological breastfeeding patterns,

if I make use of the chiropractor, herbal remedies, and essential oils,

if I buy toy trucks and swords for my boy, and dolls and a play-kitchen for my girls,

if I live debt-free and pay for everything with cash,

if I take my family to church twice every Sunday,

if I clean puke out of carpets and change diapers for 14 years straight,

if I can't remember what it's like to sleep in,

if I do everything right...

... to buy my own salvation or that of my children,

it profits me nothing.

But if, out of a sincere love for my Savior (John 14:15),

believing it is not my works that save me (Isaiah 64:6),

but God's great love in granting me a full and free redemption purchased by the precious blood of Jesus on the Cross (John 3:16), and sealing my pardon by raising Him from the dead (Romans 10:9),

I desire to do all things through and for Christ which strengthens me (Philippians 4:13),

then motherhood is not in vain.

It is an honor to be pursued with diligence and joy (Colossians 3: 23),

because He who called me is faithful (1 Thessalonians 5:24),
and as much as I do it unto the least of these (Matthew 25:40),
I do it unto the Lord.

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