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A genius solution to more time and less dishes! | Drink Bands Giveaway

Sometimes it takes a broken dishwasher to recognize just how many dishes you use in a day! That's what happened to us. Then, one side of our kitchen sink started leaking and I really started cracking down on the unnecessary habit of pulling new dishes out of the cupboard! Thankfully, I received my Drink Bands in the mail the same week our kitchen drama went down -they saved the day!

Drink Bands are one of those incredibly simplistic solutions to an age-old problem that make you go, "Now why didn't I think of that?!" They worked so well for us at home, we even took them camping!

Here's why I think Drink Bands are such a genius idea:

1. The concept is simple. My children aren't old enough to read yet; writing their names on sticker or cup so they remember which one is theirs is an exercise in futility. They can, however, distinguish between different colors and love picking out which band is going to be "theirs" for the day. Charity's favorite is pink.

2.They work. Since they're especially designed to fit cups and glasses, they work much better than regular or hair elastics. They don't slide, feel funny or awkward, yet they're stretchy enough to fit virtually every cup comfortably. We've used them successfully on coffee mugs, plastic tumblers,water bottles, drinking glasses, and Styrofoam cups. They're durable and dishwasher-proof. And since they're available in 9 colors, family-size wise, we have a long ways to go before we run into a problem. ;-)

3. They're frugal (starting at $12.50 for a pack of 9 regular or small bands). I consider $12.50 peanuts compared to the amount of hot water, soap, scrubbing, and time I'll save over a life-time! These things last forever.

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