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Flea Market Finds PourLa Dix-Huitième Semaine

Hi ya peeps! It's time once again for Flea Market Finds!!!!
Actually I seriously wondered if I was going to have anything to share with ya this week. I wasn't in much of a shopping mood (Yes HE-double hockey sticks did possibly freeze over *winks*) but I did venture out to my local Goodwill and hit PAY DIRT!! Sometimes when it rains it pours... champagne! *winks*
Let me start with a story about my favorite find (and not a bargain) from ebay. A few years ago (2009) I spied this french mirrored plateau from the seller Nouveaurose and fell in love! Alas someone else was willing to spend more than I, and I missed out... *sniffle sniffle*

Weeeelll I was perusing ebay as I am wont to do occasionally *winks* when I ran across an almost identical plateau from the ebay seller flea hound who always has the most charming statuary for sale... but I digress...
I hit that "Buy It Now" button so fast my finger got whiplash lol! And now it's mine all mine!! Doing the Happy Dance!! La La La La La!!
What do you think? Doesn't it look almost identical to the white one from nouveaurose? Do you think I should paint mine too? I'm wondering if it would bring out more of the detail? A lovely thing to ponder...

Then (as if that wasn't fab enuff *winks*) there I was at the Goodwill scoping about, when across the room I spied out of the corner of my eye a large PAINTING, and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the price... wait for it... $8.99!!! I've seen mediocre prints there that were priced higher than that! I had three ladies stop to ask me if they could look at it before I made it to the check out lol!

The lady featured in the painting pushing the baby had a slice in her poor head so somebody gave this up. YAY!!

Isn't she pretty?

And a darling puppy too!

Then I found some rosy linens for $3.99 ea. Left to right is Rachel Ashwell, a vintage duvet cover and two different Ralph Lauren rose patterned sheets, as well as a funny handmade victorian style doll for my etsy store.

These cute lucite earrings in pastel colors were $2.99.

And lastly this book titled "Angels In The Air" by Ania Molchlinska for $3.99. The angels easily pushout to form mobiles. If you love angels and cherubs this book is full of some beautiful ones. You can pick it up on Amazon for almost the same price I paid HERE.

I HEART the Goodwill!!
That's all for this week. I hope you'll come back next week for more flea market finds. I'd love to hear from you! So please leave me a comment and I'll do the same. *winks* Vanna
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