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Sunday Favorites A Little Shopping Adventure

I'm joining my friend Chari at Happy To Design once again for Sunday Favorites. This post is from Feb of 2009. I hope you enjoy revisiting this shopping trip with me.

My hubbs took me out for some Valentines shopping this year. He knows how to make me happy! It's been a little while since I've been able to get oot-n-aboot lol! And I thought I'd share my little adventure with y'all!

I had to start with a stop at one of my favorite sellers in one of my local antique malls. She always has such an interesting way of putting things together. Very textural... and well... ODD.

It's really difficult to see, I know, but there's a little taxidermy bird under the cloche wearing a little gold crown! My hand reached for it straight away... only to discover that it wasn't for sale! Dont'cha just hate when sellers do that?! And why do I always want (and seem to find) the only items that they DON'T want to sell?!!

Anyhoo doesn't this vignette just draw you in? Makes me want to buy one of everything! Course I feel that way a lot! Lol!

I also loved these stacked platforms, but why oh why are they soooo expensive? At $95 and $115 respectively.

And this display in the same booth makes me long for a simple french lunch of baguettes fresh butter and of course wine! How about you?

Isn't this old stove top interesting? It would make for some interesting yard art me thinks. But at $125 it's a bit pricey.

Y'all know I'm an odd duck. So what better Valentines gift than an ODD DUCK!! And look it's a delusional duck that thinks it's royal!... PERFECT!
He sure is ducky! And busy urn-ing a living! Lol! Hmmmm but again at $136 he's still a bit over budget... Durn it!

Maybe some cool giant concrete finials would be just the thing? I always love those. And at $32 and $28 I think I'm going to keep them on the short list...

But wait... what do I spy out of the corner of my eye? It's a victorian mirrored firescreen with hand painted flowers. It's $125 BUT there's 20% off. So a cool $100. More tempting for sure! But unfortunately I don't need another firescreen. Maybe I need to start looking for neato small things... yep that's the ticket!

So moving on to the next mall for smalls, I spotted this booth. And looky 15% off. Is your eye drawn to anything here? Can you guess knowing me as well as y'all do *winks* what I might be drawn to?

Did you guess this? I've been so drawn to these wonderful old pincushion ladies lately! And with the discount she's $23.80. She's not too large... I'm sure I could find room for her at my house... But my cousin D has a really similar one that she paid only $12 for. Do you ever find yourself saying no to something because you know someone else found one for less? So I'm probably gonna regret this but I'm walking away.

Then as I turned I spotted this. Hmmm couldn't this sweet little ladies frenchy style desk be a diamond in the rough? Can't you see it painted in cream with a luscious toile behind the chicken wire? And at slightly less than $120 with discount I might just have to go back for this little cutie! Maybe my hubby will FINALLY let me paint something! Lol!

Ok so what did I finally take home, you might ask? Or you might be so tired from eyestrain that you don't care... But I'm gonna show you anyway!! *winks* I took home this interesting little frenchy spelter girl thingy. I have no idea what she was once used for. Do you? Maybe an oil lamp base? Whatever the case may be, she works great as a candleholder or another home for one of my beloved moss balls *winks*

And I couldn't pass these up! Art nouveau bliss! Next week I'll be doing a giveaway for one of these cuties so please come back and see me!

Cherubs turned out to be my theme for the day. I found this sweet cherub compote/tazza at the Goodwill. My friend Chari from Happy To Design HERE has the most darling candelabra with this same cherub. So I'm thinkin' maybe I can make one too?

And just look at this cute little fella! He's working so hard on sharing good luck! Well I can NEVER have too much of that! So he HAD to come home with me!

I also spotted these pretty Dresden style candlesticks and my heart skipped a beat! They have the most beautiful pale mauvey pink roses! I'm addicted to roses... can you tell? Lol!

I also found two rolls of this cherub wallpaper. It reminds me of my dear friend Gloria/ Happy To Be's stairwell. It's featured in her pink Saturday post for Friday, November 21, 2008 HERE Isn't it gorgeous?!! And anytime I find anything that Gloria has... I'm doing GOOD!! She has the most fabulous antiques and taste!

I also brought home this victorian ewer. I loved the intricate metal work and time worn patina. Maybe I could send it to Jo-Ann Coletti and have her paint some of her beautiful roses on it? Doesn't she do beautiful work? here

Also at the Goodwill I found these two vintage petticoats as well as the champagne pink roses and queen anns lace. I love soft romantic ruffles!

And I thought this was such a cute find! (Also at the Goodwill) for $1.99! Some vintage embroidery that some talented person made into a pillow.

Even the back is darling!

And here it is in its new home in my shabby chic bedroom.

This old fence piece would make a great door topper. Maybe painted white? It was only $2.

And I found an ugly ole lamp with a very cool marble base (IMHO) I took the lamp apart to use the base as a platform for something special...

Maybe a french candelabra?

Naw.. I think I found the perfect piece! This little cherub compote looks just right!

And when I came home from my shopping adventure I found this little cutie waiting for me on my front porch from ebay.

As well as this darling set of 1920's/30's chalkware figures.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little shopping adventure. I'm very happy with my sweet finds. I couldn't love my Valentines gifts more if I picked em out myself! Hahaha!! *winks* Vanna
Please take a moment (If you've got one) and stop by Chari's place and check out some of the other Sunday Favorites. Thanks for stopping by!

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