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To Paint Or Not To Paint l'armoire? Please Help! Sil Vous Plait?

A very few of you might remember my guest room from Rate My Space? And if you don't no problem, you can see the link on my sidebar. I can't believe my little bedroom has been viewed more than 20,000 times! Makes my head spin! I feel so honored. A few things have changed in this room... A new aubusson rug in pinks and yellows... more tchotchkes... (Ok a LOT more! *winks*) A new frenchier (yep I know that's not a word) bedside table. But it's never felt quite right... It needed something more... something large and french! So Santa brought me something for Christmas. My quandry (And it's a lovely one to have) is whether to paint it the dreamy white I've always longed to? Or to leave it alone as Santa wants me to? (Aka my hubbs hater of painting wood) *winks* So I ask you my dear friends with the most amazing taste..What to do? Please give me your opinions. I really will respect them... Told the hubbs if I was out voted so be it. *winks*

Here was my previous dresser. Sweet, but it didn't really make my heart pitter patter.


Now replaced with my new beauty!

Here's another view. It was very difficult to get in the picture because it's so large and the room so small. So forgive me having no panorama.

And here is a "haunted mirror" shot of the rest of the room. As you can see it's predominantly white.

Here's the other side. You can see the dark armoire in the vanity mirror.
You can click to enlarge

IF I paint it, I'll need to paint the inside too. Any ideas? Maybe a pale green?

Closeup on the cute little french lamp.

So here are some choices. This first one looks to be a plain white.

And this lovely armoire is the palest grey with white detailing. Dreamy! From ATELIER DE CAMPAGNE

Or perhaps a more antiqued look like this one?

Or perhaps you agree with Santa and think it should be left alone? It IS in excellent shape and the wood is in reasonably good condition. So dear friends... Vos conseils seraient très appréciés! I'm joining up with Susan for the first time (yippee!!) At Between Naps On The Porch

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