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French Blue Love! And some ebay finds

Hi everybody! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Once again I'm linking up with my dear friend Laurie for a A Few Of My Favorite Things Saturday, and Cindy at Show and Tell Friday!

Some of you from wayyyyy back might remember a similar picture to this one in my blog header. It featured one of my favorite pieces, a beautiful french blue opaline urn with lid.
I found the urn many years ago and paid under $100 for it. I didn't know anything about opaline glass at the time I just loved the color and form.
Well... one day recently while searching ebay I came across an identical urn from a seller in Sweden. And I won it for not much more than I paid for my original piece! Yippeee!!! I just love when that happens!
So I'd like to share my very small (almost) collection and a couple of other pretties.

Do you see the small pale blue french opaline half egg watch display? That was another ebay find for cheaps. Inside I have a couple of special treasures...

Can you see? There's a small timeworn locket and a small brass ring.
I found the locket in the pocket of an old coat I'd purchased at the Goodwill. And the childs ring belonged to my Grandmother.

Here's a closeup of the locket.

And inside are two pictures of someone who must have been very special to her husband?... or children?... She's a wonderful mystery to me. It looks like one features her as a young woman and another as she got older? Don't you think?

Here is my Grandmothers childhood ring. When she died she had virtually nothing to her name. But she kept this small ring in a locked strong box along with a picture of her parents so I know it must have been very precious to her, and it's one of my most prized posessions.

And here's my new opaline urn! Just look at those cute little lion paw feeties!! Aren't they cute?!

Santa (aka my hubby) was very kind to me this year and bought me this beautiful (well at least it is to me *winks*) bronze french clock... And I had an AH HA!" moment. The blue of the clock was a pretty close match to the opaline urns and I thought they might make good clock garnitures?
Here's the clock... It doesn't function... It's just a beautiful shell but I don't care!

Of course it has a cutie cherub!

And some swag-o-liciousness!

What do you think? Do they work together? I've been trying them out in various areas of my home and haven't found quite the right place yet... (You can click to get the larger view)

I tried them in the livingroom.. but not quite working. I have WAYY to many collections! I know I need to edit. But what to get rid of?? It's so tough when you love EVERYTHING! Hopefully you won't see me on that hoarders show, but I make no promises! *winks*

Here is another sweet french blue and bronze piece (An inkwell maybe?) I just love that color! Can you see the little birdie on top?

I also have a couple of bristol glass vases in a similar blue.

And this lustre found for $28 on ebay. (Melanie are you listening? *winks*) I bring Melanie my new blogging friend from The Tiny Tudor into this because she's contemplating her first ebay purchase. And I'm so excited for her! And dying to see her first ebay treasure! Ebay is another one of my favorite things!!

I LOVE when this happens! I found this (nearly) identical urn below on the web here for $795!

And this very similar urn is on ebay for $1495 or best offer... Do you think they'd accept my offer for $90?... Probably not! I think I did pretty good! But it could also be that the sellers have been smoking some funny stuff (you know what I mean *winks*) It's amazing that there are such large discrepencies in pricing isn't it?!

If you're interested in learning about french opaline glass? Joni at the Cote De Texas did a wonderful story here. I learned a ton from her! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll come by again soon! Vanna

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