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Flea Market Finds Pour La Semaine Quarante-Trois

Bonjour y'all!!
It's once again that time of the week.
Time for FLEA... MARKET... FINDS!!!!!
And a mighty fine week it was for them too!

I'm not starting with my favorite find as I usually do because I think this one makes a more enticing picture *winks* And I do LOVE all these pretty babies! So here I go...
This necklace was a splurge for me, but I'm not much of a jewelry person, so when I find something that I really like I go for it *winks* I had actually pinned this necklace in my jewelry board on pinterest and it got quite a few pins when I realized I'd better buy it before someone else did! It's so sha-BLING!! I don't even have to wear it to love it. It's great just hanging on any ole thing. Mournful saint with rhinestones... = PERFECT combo! Lol!

She is hanging on one of my Guerlain golden bee bottles. I added a new little one to my collection... Well there are only two of the gold bee bottles so it's not quite a "collection" yet, but there are three Guerlain bottles total, so I'm getting there right? *winks* Years ago I spotted one of these beautiful golden bottles in Victoria magazine and for some reason I decided I had to have one (Yeah that never happens lol!) So off I went on the hunt only to have all my hopes dashed because these babies can get expensive! To the tune of nearly 2k for a large bottle from Guerlain. So thank you God-send ebay for this lovely $45 BIN bottle! (it's the small one) Anyhoo the gold bee bottle filled with Cologne Imperiale (for those of you who care) was created for the empress Eugenie in 1853 to give as a gift to her husband Napoleon III. She so liked the scent that she named Monsieur Guerlain purveyor to the Empress. The bottle is modeled after the top of the place vendome in Paris

My little bottle of golden bliss! Each golden bottle is hand painted.

I also found this sweet little rhinestone pin for $1 at a local antique store. The sterling cloisonne bracelet was an earlier find

This Isadora perfume bottle is another one of my favorites. Found for $10 at a local antique store.

One more shot of my blingy beauty! And hanging on the mirror you can also see another of my favorite new necklaces. Yep another mournful saint. *winks*

This was actually my favorite find for the week. It's a gorgeous chromo lithograph from 1909 and it's BIG! Over 50" wide and nearly 30" tall. I have no idea where I'm going to put it! I don't care... I'll find a spot *winks* Which is usually the way it goes at my house with varying degrees of success. *sighs*

Pretty lady and cavorting cherubs... some of my favorite things!

Aren't they adorable?!

Signed by what looks like Lindburg? Or Lindbura? Is anyone familiar with this one?

These two little guys appear to be the serious ones *winks*

Next up is this large Federal style mirror. A killer find at the Goodwill! Do you see all the little yellow stickers on it?... Come a little closer...

Yeppers it was marked $39.99, but I had a 20% off coupon from donating some goods, so it came to $31.99!! I couldn't believe my lucky stars at finding this one! I saw a very similar one on ebay sell for 1k. YIPPEE!!

My next find is more than a little quirky. It also came from a local antique store. It features a bashful Charlotte flower frog that someone made into an art glass lamp in the 20's or 30's. When I asked my hubby what he thought of it? He was completely underwhelmed (He makes that sound Lurch made back on the Adams family... Do any of you remember it?... But I digress)... asking me "why do you want that old thing?" If I only had a dime for every time I've heard that one... I'd be able to buy lots more "old things" Lol! The glass petals look like Venetian glass to me. I think they're beautiful! So what do you think? Treasure or disaster? Go ahead and tell me, I can take it *winks*

Blue bulbs too.

And softly lit...

I'm crazy for columns and capitols so I was thrilled when I found this sweet piece for only $2 at the same antique store as the blue lady lamp. Isn't it perfectly chippy and shabby?!

I'm currently using it as a riser for this pretty lady statue.

And lastly was this sweet nude bathing maiden from the Value Village. She's available in my etsy!

So that's it for this week. I think it was quite a haul! I hope you'll come back next week for more Flea Market Finds... It's going to be hard to top this week, but I'll try! *winks* I also hope you'll leave me a comment. I LOVE to hear from you!
And that's the truff... Vanna
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