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Flea Market Finds Pour La Semaine Trente Trois

Bonjour beautiful peeps!!
It time once again for...

Where I like to pretend that I found some great deal at a flea market (Delusional remember?... ) *winks* but probably more often than not payed too much at an antique or thrift store lol!
Anyhoo as usual I'm starting with my favorite find for the week and that would be yet another French globe de mariee... Are you tired of those yet?
I sure hope not because I have couple more beauties to share with you *winks* This one comes via ebay and it's a little different from the other globes I've shared. The shape is quite different and it has beautiful bronze details. I've been having fun decorating the interior with different little bits found around the house. Here I've placed a french cherub inkwell with some pearls and a rose. I'm in love with it!!

Close up. Sorry about the glare there just wasn't any way around it.

This is what it looks like empty. I think originally perhaps it would've had one of the display chairs that are found in my other domes?

But all that empty space is great for display!! Here I've tried out a few of my figurines featuring sheep.

And do you see the rug in the background? it's an antique french aubusson in really rough shape, but for $30 at a local estate sale I couldn't say no *winks*

This Victorian bead work footstool was a find from my trip last week with my friend Joyce. I'll be selling it in my enabler boutique.

I love the paisley bead work!

This frenchy jardiniere was another Centralia find. I'm thinking about painting it gray? What do you think?

This little bronze basket of enamel flowers was $3.99 at the local Value Village. I thought it was a little expensive, but there was something kinda cool about it... Well I found an almost identical one on ebay for $99! Whoo hoo!! An actual good deal! I just love when that happens! *winks*

And I had to add another boudoir doll to the collection. This french doll with her little bitter pill expression spoke to me *winks* (She probably said "Take me home you crazy American lady!") I felt kinda sorry for her. Doesn't she look like she's having a bad day? Lol! The sweet little kewpie doll was a find at Maison de Wine and Wienies for $14.

A shot with the shabby girls.

This 1920's boudoir doll head was $8. I think she originally would've been on a pillow.

And this charming large shabby frenchy statue of two children was a local antique mall find for $12. The roses are the last of the poor waterlogged flowers in my yard. The lace tablecloth in the background was a $4.99 find at the Goodwill. It has stains and some holes but it also has tons of filet lace featuring one of my favorite things...


This set of ballerina boudoir lamps are pretty for $65, but I really purchased them for their lovely flower shades

I have plans for these babies!

And lastly a cherub lamp from the Goodwill for 99 cents. I need to fill in some chips and paint it, but I think it's a project even I can tackle *winks* Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll come back next week for more flea market finds. I'll be sharing my finished lamp. I hope you'll leave me a comment and I'll do the same. As always I LOVE to hear from you!! Vanna
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