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My Shabby Chic-n-Pink Guestroom

A few years ago I joined the site Rate My Space. There I shared many of the rooms in my home and met so many wonderful people! The other day I decided to take a trip down memory lane and read some of the lovely comments that had been left over the years, only to find that all my spaces had been deleted! I had the various spaces linked on my sidebar. Alas never to be found again. *sighs*
Soooo I'll be sharing my rooms here on my blog starting with my Shabby guestroom. It's encountered quite a few changes since the RMS days. Hopefully for the better?
This could take a wee while so you might want to get yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee... or even better wine *winks* and settle in for LOTS of pictures!
I'll be moving clockwise around the room so come on and follow me and I'll show ya around! *winks*
This is the room overview...

Large white antique mirror for pretty primping...

This is the newest addition to my shabby room, a chippy old wicker bed corona (found last week at a yard sale for $10) I wanted to use this as a shelf for displaying some rose paintings. However it just wasn't strong enough so I had to make do for this photo-op *winks* Whatcha think? fine or flop?

Close up.

This french floral sconce sits at the top of the mirror. I love its delicate beauty.

My lovely Marie dress form. One of my favorite things in the room!

French armoire...

Filled with all kinds of linens and treasures...

Come a little closer and take a peeky poo...

A favorite little french lamp.

The lady in green is the newest addition to my boudoir lady lamp collection.

Isn't she sweet?!

In the corner lies a victorian tete a tete chaise that I won at an auction. Fell in LOVE! Had to have it! Despite its shabby condition *winks*

A little pause for a spot of tea...

Italian stacking tables in cream with dreamy florals...

And above is a shelf filled with my small Norah Wellings doll collection.

The little brown pixie is one of my favorites!

Who can resist a smile like this???! Their little faces make me happy each and every time I see them!

A shabby chippy garden goddess adorned with rosaries and rhinestones...

A vanity found at the local Goodwill.

This little celluloid box featuring a courting couple still has its original interior brush set on a bed of blue silk.

Above hangs a bronze cherub lamp...

Frenchy bedside table.

Bed corona.

Darling ballet pointe shoes... One pair signed... Against a background of vintage roses... I want more!!

Can you tell I LOVE roses?! *winks* Naw... to subtle for ya? LOL!

I wish I could've gotten a better shot of this 19th century Vinea hand colored aquatint, but the glass was too reflective so hopefully you'll get the gist?

It has lots of cavorting cherubs which I adore!!

A little shelf filled with some more of my boudoir ladies.

And we've come all the way around. I hope you enjoyed the tour of my shabby bedroom. It's my one room for over the top femininity! Have to consider the poor hubby in the rest of the house! *winks* So if you're a girl who loves things French foofy and poofy? You're welcome to come stay for a visit. I'd love to have you! Sorry boys I just couldn't do this to you! *winks* You might come away with tassels on your ears! LOL!

And as you leave the room this pretty french couple is waving goodbye! And wishing you a wonderful day! Please leave me a comment and I'll do the same. And come back for a visit anytime! Vanna

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