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Sofas I Dream Of...

I could just cry. My newest post disappeared in all the blogger madness. Friday the 13th... go figure!! So for those that left me comments thank you! I really appreciated them. Did any of you lose posts also?
Well here goes again...
I wanted to share some of my dream sofas with you. There are LOTS of pictures because I have LOTS of favorite sofas and these barely scratch the surface. Won't you join me for a minute (or ten *winks*) and dream along with me?
Warning in advance... I don't like much that's shiny bright. I really prefer a time worn well loved patina. So if modern and sleek is your thing? This isn't for you... Just sayin'
OK let me start with this piece of deliciousness! Part chaise part sofa. Can't you imagine this with some large down aubusson pillows? I think I could lounge here all day! Maybe I could get my hubby to feed me some grapes? LOL!

This is my own living room sofa and I really do love it. It has its original silk upholstery from the 1920's and the cushions are pure down. It looks great until you sit on it and then it looks a flat mess.

I'd trade it in a red hot minute for this one from Rubylane (11k on sale HERE) *gulps and *drools*... Not a pretty sight! LOL! Me not the sofa!

Or this wonderful corbeille style. Corbeille translates to basket in French.

Isn't this one gorgeous?

This one has room for lots of friends!

I love the grand decay of this one

I really love high backed sofas and the enclosed safe feeling they provide. One of the sofa styles that lends itself to this wonderfully is the knole sofa or settee. The knole dates from 17th century England as is named for Knole House in Kent. It was originally used as a type of throne. Both the sides and back are equal in height and each end is tied on the top with ropes which fold down to create a lounge of sorts. Honestly I'm not sure what this is all about? But it is cool don'tcha think?

Many years ago I fell in love with the knole sofa in Rose Tarlow's living room. It had the perfect patina. Just the right amount of wear and tear and it didn't hurt that it was chinoiserie in style either *winks*

Weeeellll eventually Ms. Tarlow decided to let it go and it turned up on 1st dibbs. Alas it was not to be in my home because at 13k (If I remember correctly) it wasn't in my price point *sighs* Isn't it fab? Maybe a little too shabby for some, but I LOVE it!!

This one would make a nice alternative.

I love the antique 17th century tapestry on this one.

This is a set of knole sofas in Sidney Poitier's living room. Just gorgeous!

And this one in pink is adorable!

I finally managed after years of searching to find my own lil' pink knole sofa. It's from the 1920's and also has down filled cushions. I found it in a local antique store for $300. I'm thinking of adding some fringe to the bottom. Do you think I should? This one is a keeper!

Here's where it ties at the top.

And changing direction a little I'm also wild for french daybeds! Are you? I immediately fell in love with this smooshy wooshy perfect daybed that belongs to Joni's (Cote de Texas) sister in law's sister (Did you catch that? LOL!) I don't usually love blue but I'd redecorate my entire living room for this one!

Love this Louis XVI style.

And this one.Those little bolster pillows make me weak in the knees every time!

And I also love this Louis XV style...

This is my own antique Louis XV daybed. I purchased it without really thinking about where it might go in my house? I had visions of lounging upon it in front of a sunny window with a good book. Usually this devil may care strategy works for me but not this time *sighs* There just isn't room (Or enough sunny windows!) So off to etsy it will go. An expensive mistake.

Hand carved details.

I found this similar one in gray at the Paris Apartment Boutique that I love!

I'm also mad for the smaller corbeille settees! Each one wraps itself around you like a nice hug!

Tatty but darling.

Beautiful in aubusson.

Lovely in salmon.

Luscious in silk.

I'll just have to be happy for now with my little $60ish funky green velvet settee (in my home gym) from craigslist. At least until that money tree in my backyard starts to grow. *winks*

I'm also crazy for the English chesterfield. This one is my dream come true! Perfectly aged and worn leather from the 19th century.

And this one is mine. In this delusion *winks* I had an English library with a roaring fire and floor to ceiling leather books... But again in reality not the space *sighs* And the scale was all wrong for what I actually DO have. So off to craigslist it goes.

And yet another dream piece run amok. I love this french iron crib/daybed! Don't the textiles just make it in this shot?

And my own very similar iron daybed. I bought it as an outdoor sofa for my side deck but it really isn't sturdy enough for multiple people to sit on. Especially in my family where some people tend to be + sized *winks* So off to etsy it goes.

So some of the dream pieces I've managed to aquire turned out to be lifelong keepers and others not quite so dreamy after all. Have you experienced this? Longing for a certain piece for years and years only to find that the reality didn't meet your expectations? Or surpassed them? I'd love to hear your stories! Meanwhile I'm going to keep on dreaming... You never know what you'll find at the next garage sale *winks* Vanna
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