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Object Of My Obsession The Duchesse Brisée

I have longed and searched for the elusive duchesse brisée (Or broken Duchess) a type of French chair/chaise combination for years! There's just something so romantic and well... French that grabbed my heart and won't let go. I'm Duchesse obsessed!
What is it about this chaise divided into two or three parts that makes it sooooo much more expensive then almost any other type of chaise? And why do I always fall in love with the durned most expensive things?!! *winks* I keep hoping I'll somehow run into one at an auction or estate sale and nobody else will want it (Yeah I'm realistic like that!) so I'll be able to pick one up without selling a kidney or body organ of some sort lol!
Won't you come join me for a tour of some of my beautiful favorites?
Translated from french:
'a duchesse brisée'
the 'duchesse' was at first in three parts,
two 'gondola type' chairs of different depth and height,
combined seats end to end, with a 'labouret' between them.
still detachable to be used at two seats, with a footstool.
the later rococo merged these into a single piece,
France, 1740 ca.

Hmmm I didn't know that center section was called a "labouret" Good to know huh?
OK lets start with one of my favorites. Isn't it gorgeous?! I don't even mind one bit that the silk is shredding on the end. It only adds to it's patina and charm.

This one is very Hollywood glam of the 1940's don'tcha think?

Or how about something in a two parter? I could curl up right there with a good book and visions (delusions) of french chateaux floating in my head. Couldn't you? *winks*

I adore this moth eaten looking green velvet!

Or perhaps something in Louis XVI cane? Just needs some pillows!

Or dreamy blue with squishy down cushions? *swoons*

Tattered from a chateaux?... Yes please!!

Or one that's cool in crewel? Perfect in this chinoiserie room.

Or how about one with a more closed back? And sooo pretty in pink too!

I adore them all!
But until I find that needle in a haystack duchesse... Dare to dream and *fingers crossed* I'll just have to be happy with my french chaise (here draped in tambour lace) And continue to buy the occasional lottery ticket. *winks*

And my fauteuil with ottoman from craigslist.

Do you have a dream piece that you obsess over? One that's almost impossible to obtain? I'd love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment and I'll visit you and do the same *winks* Or perhaps you have a duchesse just layin' around that you want to be rid of? I'm your gal! Thanks for dreaming with me for a minute or two! Vanna

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