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Single Dad Laughing - Lessons Learned

At the end of each week, I'm going to run a feature here on Will Work 4 Followers with a rundown of the last week's worth of posts on Single Dad Laughing. The purpose of the feature will be to discuss at any lessons I've learned, as well as the reasons behind each post so that you either a) learn from what worked for me, or b) learn from what didn't work for me. Sometimes the lessons will be extremely simple (and almost seemingly non-important), sometimes they'll be bigger.

Since the ultimate goal is for us all to get better at blogging together, I hope everybody will participate in today's discussion below. After all, I'd like to learn from you and your blogging successes/mistakes as well!

Starting this week, I'm changing the format of this post. In past week's it's been all about lessons learned. From here on out it will just be general discussion as explained above, and may or may not include every post from Single Dad Laughing.
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