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Setup Email Subscriptions for your Blog Readers

Last week and this week, I'll be focusing on a few things you need to have setup if you want to attract as many long-term followers to your blog as possible. In my opinion, there are five major ways that people will subscribe to follow your blog. Neglecting any of these methods will leave a percentage of your potential followers behind since some people only follow via each of these methods. Last week, we discussed the importance of a Facebook Page for your Blog as well as the importance of Twitter when blogging.
The fourth "following platform" that every blogger should have setup is email subscription via Feedburner (or some other similar service) for their blog. There are some people who don't know anything about RSS, don't use Facebook or Twitter, and will only remember to follow if they get an email telling them you've posted something new. Others just prefer following via email even though they do use those other platforms. The latter often are people who never want to miss a post. Which is why having this available for your readers is crucial. Read & Comment >>

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