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An image in every blog post?

I believe that every blogger shouldinclude an image with just about every blog post, especially if it's a personal blog you are building. Along with my goal to write a post on Single Dad Laughing every day for a year, I also made it a goal to post some sort of image (or video) with every blog post that I published.

When I open up another person's blog and all I see is a giant wall of text, I find it to be cumbersome and boring. I find myself disliking whatever's on the page before I even start reading. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think it's worth a thousand Excedrin.

There is no doubt that it takes more work than simply writing and publishing a post. But remember, you're building a following, and your job is to entertain, and to keep people from heading for the hills the second they find your post.
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