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Sunday Favorites Wanna See Something Nou... veau?

Well if you do? I've got some goodies to share with ya!
I'm joining my friend Chari for her Sunday Favorites. This was a post from December of 08. I hope you enjoy revisiting it.
It's my collection of turn of the century art nouveau jewelry boxes. As a crazy collector (with limited funds*alas*) I've found that collecting these little beauties can be very satisfying! They're not difficult to find. They're very affordable, and sooo charming!! Won't you join me for a small tour of my cuties?

I have the majority of my boxes in this display cabinet in my bedroom but they are also scattered all over my house. I abide by a $25 rule. Can't spend more than that on one. And with very few exceptions (a couple of the larger ones) I haven't.

I found this interesting article for those who might like to learn more about art nouveau jewel boxes HERE

I love little metal objects of all kinds. Here sits a borzoi dog, a small cupid, and hiding in the middle with only the top showing is the arc de triomphe.

On the far right is one of my exception boxes (paid a wee bit more... OK I paid a LOT more!!) It's quite a large one with a portrait of Napoleon. But I HAD to have it! *winks*

Aren't the flowers lovely on this one? I often wonder who the lucky receiver of this box might have been? And was it for a special occasion? And what might have been hiding inside? Maybe...

Some beautiful violet crystals like these?... Naw probably not. Isn't the icy blue silk interior luscious?!!

And check out the little dog paw feet on this one!

But just look at the top!! Isn't it wonderful?!!

And looky at what's on the inside! A garage sale brooch missing many rhinestones but wonderful just the same! And all that pink silk tufting!! Now this is shabby chic at it's finest dont'cha think? *winks*

How about those legs?!! And what might we find in this beauty?

Ahhhh it's a victorian necklace lying on a bed of green tufted silk.

This little box tells the story of a noble lady and her family. There are raised reliefs all around the sides showing various family scenes. But I really love the interior of this one!

It has the most darling faded pale pink roses! Isn't it the sweetest little thing?

I imagine many a young lady received her engagement ring in one of these little boxes.

Can't you just imagine her wonder and surprise at finding something like this waiting inside?

This shot is "outside the box" Lol! and features a little paperweight with a picture of the ponte vecchio in Florence. And do you see the little Limoges box with the eiffel tower? Yep, yet another collection for another day *winks*

Isn't he a perfectly mournful boy? His expression says "get me away from all these girly boxes!!!" Y'all know how much I love busts!
Well that's it for today. Sorry I was so late in adding a new post. I'm having problems with my puter. Hope you liked my little collection. And if you post any collections of your own? Please come get me K? Cause I'd love to see them!! Vanna

Thanks for stopping by for Sunday Favorites! I hope you'll check out the other wonderful posts.

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