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My Bust Enlargement And How I Found My Marbles

This was my first post as a blogger back in 12-4-08. I left blogging for two years and it's nice to be back!
I'm joining Chari at Happy To Design for the second time for her Sunday Favorites

Did I get your attention?
No silly sillys! It's NOT THAT KIND OF POST!!
It IS a post (my first as a blogger) about my passion for collecting!!
I admit, I have OUT OF CONTROL collections! So many in fact that my closets have become dangerous!... OK the cupboards too... And the armoires... Did I mention I collect those too? No?... Sorry I digress... I have a passion for busts! And I thought I would share, on this my first blog post, some of my marble and alabaster busts with you. Lets start with the smaller busts and watch em grow! *winks* These two darling little ladies were found on ebay. Aint they sweet?

Here's a closeup on the smallest. her little face is kind of hard to see in pictures.

This sweet peasant girl fell at one time and her base broke.
Not a problem for me! I love and embrace the imperfections in old things.
She'd spent many years in an antique store. So many that you couldn't read her
price tag any longer, it was so faded.
I got her for a steal, took her home and placed her under the faucet... and VOILA!!
She cleaned up real good! *winks*

I found this lovely 1920's girl at an auction. I left a very low absentee bid.
Didn't think in a million years I would win... But I did!! Yippee!!
She's one of my larger busts *winks*

This little gal was another ebay find

A little slightly shabby cutie found while on vacation.

And this sweet little girl I found in an antique store many years ago. She now lives in my bedroom

And this is my Joannie (Joan of Arc) She's my absolute favorite! She's life size and weighs more than 70 lbs!
She's also a bit of a movie star *winks*
She was chosen to be in the Stephen King movie "Rose Red" about a beautiful haunted castle
Unfortunately for me that meant I had to wait until the filming was over before I could take her home!
So pay a fortune... and wait... and wait... and wait!!!
She was worth it though! She's another one of my favorite things!
You'll hear me say that a lot *winks*

Here is my bust collection all together. I hope you enjoyed them!

This is the ONLY kind of bust enlargement I'll ever be interested in!! Lol!!

Here is an updated picture of my collection. It's grown quite a bit in a few years. I actually couldn't get all of them on the table... Hmmmm maybe you really CAN get too much of a good thing?*winks*

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