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French Globes De Mariee

Once again I'm joining my friend Laurie to share a few of my favorite things!

And Cindy at My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday.
I realize this topic has been covered on several other blogs. So why (you might ask) am I covering it yet again? Well... when I went in search of beautiful juicy images of the Globes De Mariee (or french bridal domes) for my post I searched the web high and low for collection pictures. And with the exception of Tara Bradford here who's featuring three small lovely ones together, I couldn't find a single "wows me" collection photo. Surely there must be many peeps out there who have ginormous collections of these but they're not sharin' So I aim to fill that spot in a miniscule way Haha! *winks* I fell in love with these many years ago when I spotted my first (kinda sad lookin' as you'll see) little dome at an antiques show. It was love at first sight! And only $125 which is really cheap for one of these beauties. Well alas I brought it home and attempted to clean the glass in warm water and it shattered!! And what's strange is while I was researching this post I found out that this blogger had the same exact thing happen to her! I'm sure they could hear me cryin' in France when it happened! But globe/dome top or not I still love it dearly.
OK so here's the edjamacational part *winks*
These globes (1830-1914) helped to tell the story of the married couple. And were added to over the years. They would've been featured prominently in the couples home. Usually the mother of the bride would go to the watchmakers or jewelers and pick out the different elements for the globe.Each and every small piece helps to tell the story of the couple. Which would almost always include the bridal headpiece and might also include photos of the couple or family members such as:
- objects commemorating a death or birth such as a lock of hair -The bridal bouquet often made of orange wax blossoms which in 1830 marks the advent of artificial flowers (How handy!)
- Emblems of awards ( honorary military medals or other symbolic objects)
Here are some more of the many elements and their meanings.
-The presence of a bird holding a laurel wreath is there to signify that "as the bird makes its nest, the woman builds her family" while a dove expresses the desire for peace in the home. -Roses = Love
-Ivy or Bindweed reflects attachment of the couple, as the ivy leaf, "I stick or I die. "
- Chestnut Tree Leaves = Links to Others
- Lime leaves to symbolize fidelity.
- Oak leaves, symbolizing strength and love,
- Vine leaves and grapes, symbols of success, abundance.
- Ears of wheat = symbols of fertility.
(They were often presented in 7's representing the 7 days of the week
during which the husband had to work to feed his family.)
- Four-leaf clover, a symbol of good luck.
- Daisy flowers
(The flower that young lovers pluck repeating the well-known verse: He loves me? he loves me not?... ) (Very important to have odd numbered daisies!) - A handshake is a symbol of union. -The orange blossom is the symbol of virginity. - Jasmine is a sign of love voluptuous. Which means I'm thinking of you.
There is symbiology in the mirrors as well:
-The large mirror from the center, often at the bottom symbolizes sincerity and faithfulness.
"The mirror does not lie, it only reflects what he sees."
(Often it was the only mirror that was found in the home.)
-The rectangular mirrors recalled the years that the couple had courted.
-The mirrors in the shape of diamonds or triangles represent the number of children the couple wished to have.

Finally, in the case of remarriage after a period of widowhood, it was customary to replace the crown of orange blossoms (symbol of virginity) with a set of pearls (a symbol of creative femininity ).
Hmmm that remarriage thing must have been a bear back in the victorian era huh?
Well here's my little collection picture... I'm taking liberties because there are only 2.5 actual globes de mariee but the clock is also french *winks*... and has a dome.
Please click the pic for a big ole view!

This is my favorite dome, and in the blue which is a less common color. It sports the original bridal headpiece of wax flowers and the bridal bouquet made of beautiful velvet flowers.

With the lid off.

Hard to see but the mirror has a darling painting of a bird with a flower wreath. BTW that's a 1912 painting of my grandmother in the background. Hmmm that leaf kinda looks like it's stickin' up her nose or somethin' Sorry grandma!!

Wax blossom bridal crown.

Velvet bouquet.

This is my largest dome at 23" tall. It shows a lot of age which I love! Just look at that mirror!

With lid off.

The flowers could use a good cleanin' but after that broken dome mishap? Not happening!

And this poor little thang was my first. See that powder puffy thing at the top? -Well that means not to bother your wife when she's gettin' dolled up... OK I admit I made that one up! But still words of wisdom *winks* There are kibbles and bits of the original bridal crown.

And my cheat piece, an antique french clock. I actually thought about putting this dome over my first bridal dome piece but thought you might like seeing the clock?... Oh and the little chair piece was stapled to the base! Haha!

I'm hoping this will be my next bridal dome... Pretty in pink! It's at a local antique store and I'm sooo tempted to go pick it up now!

This one's available on ebay for $595 or best offer. It sure is purty!

This remade display was sold on etsy, but what a great idea if you find one in really rough shape.

And some homemade ones. I wish I was this creative!

Well thanks for stopping by! I hope you didn't get eye strain but... in case you didn't? I have a trick question for ya? In which picture (or pictures) do you see a cherub riding a bird? I just noticed them for the first time doing this post! Sheeesh observent NOT! Lol!

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