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Flea Market Finds Pour La Semaine Trente-Huit

It's time for another week of
I only have a few things to share as I've been running around like crazy trying to get my Christmas act together... Hasn't happened yet! *winks*
Are all of you ready for Christmas? Or did you procrastinate like I did? Next year (God willing) I'm going to start a month in advance like the smart folks!
So I haven't had much time for antiquing but I did manage to sneak in one trip to the Goodwill and one to a local antique mall where I found my first (and favorite) find... This crazy quilt/patchwork robe. I picked it up and put it down a couple of times not really knowing what it was and yet intrigued by it... So I studied it a little more closely and noticed that it was entirely sewn by hand and had two banners with the names of ships along the front. Well I love a little mystery (Don't you?) so home with me it went. I tried to find out more, and did manage to find that both ships were war ships existing at the same time in the 1920's so I'd guess this robe was from around that time period. Must have belonged to the wife of a navy man. This was the 1920's -30's version of being green. No scraps were wasted!
I wonder if groups of ladies gathered together with all their scrap fabric and quilted while talking about their men still at sea?

Chock-a-block full of different fabrics.

The ships...

I love the old florals. The silks aren't faring so well and a few of them are tattered.

From the back

And another feature that really makes this robe interesting is that it's completely reversible! The other side has the most luscious tomato red silk satin! Having been protected from the light it's in amazingly good condition.

I had a hard time finding many of these pieces to get an idea of value? I did find this robe/coat from 1914 housed in a museum in Norway. But no price attached alas.

And this coat is from the 1930's.
That was pretty much it, leading me to believe that these pieces must be a little uncommon. Whatever the case I really enjoyed the learning process with this one, completely outside my areas of expertise... If indeed I even have any *winks*

OK moving on to what turned out to be my industrial style finds... the large rusty suitcase/toolbox was a freebie roadside (full of rusty crusty tools) as well as the galvanized case. The tool box also had a few of the old folding rulers. and the 1920's light fixture was $25 at the Goodwill. As well as the metal cloche with butterflies for 99 cents.

This grate cover was $22 at the antique mall. I really love it, but have no idea what I'm going to do with it.

Do you think this could be a milk case? I have no idea what this was actually used for.

Interior. If you have any idea I'd love to hear! *winks*

One of the freebie folding rulers.

This 1950's ice bucket with lucite handle was $3.50 at the Goodwill.

This brush featuring a ship was also in the large rusty case so FREE!... My favorite price! *winks* Hmmmm another naval-ish find! It does seem to go like that from week to week, a theme seems to appear.

And lastly this old rattan magazine holder ($5) that's as rough as can be, but I really liked the paintings of flowers on each side.

Tattered roses.

That's all for this week. Not some of my best I admit... But thanks for stopping by anyway! I hope you'll leave me a comment. I LOVE to hear from you! Vanna
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