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Chubby Cherub Knees!!!!

Hellooooo Sweet peeps!! This is my first post in what seems like a bazillion years! but it's actually been about a couple of em. I've really missed my blogging friends and I have long wanted to participate in my dear friend Laurie's Favorite Things Party cuz I have LOTS of favorite things! *winks* And she's one of em! Well another one of my mostest favorite things are sweet chubby cherubs! I just LOVE em soooo much!! (As you are about to witness) well... if you're brave that is lol! This collection snuck up on me as most of my collections have, and the next thing I know they've taken over my house! But I can't resist em! These ones shown are most of them in my bedroom... Yes there are more, but I realize I'm pushing the picture boundries as is *winks*

Please be warned there are a LOT of pictures here but the best one is the last one! So you might want to start there... just sayin'
I'm starting with this former base of what was probably a grand center piece bowl display consisting of three late 18th century german porcelain cuties. The bowl is long gone so I stuffed some old ostrich feathers in there. Truth be known it was my feather duster... but don't tell... shhhhhhhhhh!

This little trio is living in this spot temporarily. I need to find them a home that does them some justice but I'm out of space!! I've tried to tell the hubbs that we need a bigger house for more stuffity stuffs but he just won't cooperate *sighs* Difficult man!Lol!
Here's a 19th century spill vase featuring darling children. I love the worn patina.

This is a closeup on the base of an old clock that I purchased just for the cherub cuteness.

And here is one of my favorite cherub lamps. Also spelter, which sits on my small writing desk. Just look at those cute little dimpled leggies!!

Moving behind the desk you find this cute little guy. He's cavorting with some of his cherub buddies...

... And some old folks *winks*

Standing to the side is this little one. Chubby knees!! Chubby knees!!

Next to the bed is another spelter lamp. Do you see those little knees in the background?

On the other side of the bed is this sweet little cherub girl flower pot.

With some friends.

Working hard!

This chubby knee'd chap sits on a french gentlemens dresser.

A few sweet angel cherubs hanging out in my chinoiserie cabinet.

And lastly a sweet angel to watch over you. We can all use another one of those can't we? Didn't I tell ya this was the best one?

Are there any other cherub lovers out there? Do you need a 12 step program as badly as I do? Please share...

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