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Flea Market Finds pour La Semaine Vingt

It's time once again for Flea Market Finds!!! YAYYYY! WHOO HOOO! YIPPEE!!
Seriously I really mean it this week because I had a fabulous tiquing extravaganza! So keep reading *winks*
This past week the hubbs and I went for a day trip to Centralia Washington. I didn't expect to find much (rarely do) But it just goes to show ya... you never know when serendipity will strike! It seemed everywhere I turned there were amazing finds! I don't even know where to begin with my favorites because I have so many!
So... I'll just start here with this beautiful small oil portrait of a girl on board. I can't stop looking at her. She's a little the worse for wear but I LOVEEEE HER!!

She was 49 well spent dollars *winks*

Then this 1920's twin bed was a MAJOR score at $45... Yes that's right 45 dollars! Can you believe someone would sell this bed for soooo little? It has paintings of nudes on both the head and footboard! I do NOT need another bed but I couldn't say no to this one.

Dancing nude ladies (The three muses?)... Love em!!

Do you see the little sheep in the background?... Perfect!!

Then... I found a fab Dresden-esque vanity mirror with cavorting (Don't you just love that word?Lol!) cherubs and had visions of it sitting on my vanity table. Problem was it only had a hook for hanging on the wall. Sooooo off to the Goodwill we ran, where we (And by "we" I mean my husband *winks*) found an old picture frame (99 cents) with the perfect sized back to convert the mirror to one that will stand on a dressing table. The hubby cut it to fit and applied some silicon glue so it could be removed if desired and...
After applying the back piece.

VOILA!!!... After!

Hazy old glass.

I'm loving it so much I might just have to keep it + the same mirror is on ebay for $1500 (crack smoker!) but just sayin' *winks*
What do you think? Doesn't it look good here? My hubby is the handiest darn guy!
So if you're needing an inexpensive solution for how to stand up an old mirror? This did the trick nicely!

Then I hit the silver blessings button when I found a Victorian bun warmer and a HUGE butter dish! It's so large it's almost a server. The tea cup and saucer set with legs ($6.99) was what I scored at the Goodwill run for the mirror back solution while the hubby was digging through about a gazillion frames! Divide and conquer! *winks*


Another cute but slightly tattered doll ($28) for my boudoir doll collection HERE

An antique celluloid box with a pretty girl for $20.

A large shabby rose painting on tin for $20. I'll be doing an arrangement of some rose paintings in my shabby guestroom so I hope you'll come back for a peek.

A 1940's body double dress form that came with it's original box and pamphlet for a steal from my new friend Jenny! I want to give her a shout out because she's such a lovely person to deal with and has the most wonderful shabby chic items in her booth space in Centralia at the Northwest Tub Company (Don't let the name fool you, it's actually a small antique mall that carries old tubs in addition to lots of other wonderful goodies. *winks* So if you ever find yourself there please stop in and say "hi!" She's booth space #10... and she'll wheel and deal with you too!

This aqua vase was $4.99 at the Goodwill.

A couple of jewel caskets (Both for $20) to go with my collection HERE

And finally this set of frenchy doll furniture for $10 with its original box. I paid too much, but I love that the little piano and bureau are trinket boxes.

Well those are my treasures for this week. To quote my friend Dawn from Bohemian Valhalla I'll be "adding some water to the beans" for awhile to make up for this wonderful bender! Lol! I hope you'll come back next week for more flea market finds! Though they might be a bit piddlin' *winks* Please leave me a comment and I'll do the same. I just love to hear from you! Vanna
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